Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Harley had a growth spurt these last two months, and now he is so big at 7 months. He is such a sweet dog, patient and easy going, and such a snuggler. A contrast to Ginger who is a energy packed freak, but very lovable and sweet.

Taylor loves to take pictures, so here is some from his "session" with the four of us today. A new pic of Harley will be coming soon, he is getting huge!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The kids first official time in their new swimming suits in the sprinkler. I thought it was too cold, but they had a great time and so did the dogs! They had to break in their new goggles too...pretty funny.

We got a kit to build a swingset two weeks ago and Mike has finished this weekend, he did a great job. We got back from a weekend at Grandma's and they were so excited to try it out and see it all finished! They had fun "helping" Dad with all the tools the first weekend he started building it. Summer will be a lot easier for me with that to keep them busy, plus I got a little picnic table for them to eat on during the warm weather. We are excited for summer!!

Here are just some fun pictures taken in the last month. Hannah LOVES to dress up! I got a box of dress up stuff for $2 at a garage sale and a make-up kit. She really likes the girly stuff. I love the picture of the kids on the stairs, it really says what each of their personality is. Taylor is pretty laid back, Hannah is totally posing for the camera. The picture of cousin Brendan and Hannah on the couch is him doing her "make-up", or as he called, he was "decorating her". So sweet.

I haven't logged on here for a really long time, so please re-cap April with me quickly:
Easter, Sean's visit and cute kid pics!