Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It feels like one big summer party lately.  And there is just nothing wrong with that.  Between my birthday, a trip to the zoo, swimiming at my sister's house, the fourth of July weekend, and another birthday, life is good. (Pardon my pics, I didn't get many and they are all from my phone because I'm too lazy now to get out my camera!)

For my birthday I had to work most of the day (boo!!) and then we had dinner at the best Mexican place in town complete with table side "live" guacamole and spanish hat wearing.

My mom planted these beautiful hostas for me after leaving them on the lawn.

The kids and I went to the zoo last week and had a picnic.  The geese there are very, forward, shall we say and will hiss at you until you give up some of your lunch to them.  We had a great time visiting the animals.
The kids have also enjoyed swimming with their cousins in their pool.  Just apply sunscreen, feed them every couple hours and they are good!

I cut my hair nice and short for summer. It hasn't been this short for awhile but I love it!

Then for the start of the 4th weekend, we had some more swimming and a marshmallow roast.  We take the kids once a year to the water park because 1.) it's expensive  2.) my idea of a good time is not sweltering in the heat getting a sunburn.  3.) the lines for the rides are out of control

I'm just one of those people that don't fair well in the sun.  At all.  I don't tan, I burn, I sweat, I feel sick and I'm not happy.  But this year we got there early and got a good shady spot so I could take breaks out of the sun often.  Plus I wore a huge hat and that helped.  But I still got a sunburn after LOADS of sunblock.

The boys all went to Transformers 3-D while I got the house ready and made food.

We had a big BBQ with friends and family, and so much food.  Oh the food was so good.  The kids had a slip and slide and bubbles, a pool and a couple rounds of Minute to Win it competitions.  That was popular, I should have had more.  We started a ladderball tournament that I won (it wasn't exactly done but I beat the top scorer).  Then on to the firework blasting.  Wow, between us and about 10 other houses that had some really good illegal ones, there was lots to watch.  By 11:00 we were done and so were the kids.  Mine just fell into bed, they were so tired from everything. 

Then we enjoyed the Cheesecake factory for Rendi's birthday! I just don't want the fun to end!!