Monday, April 25, 2011

Hannah has inherited from her list-making parents: the importance of daily lists.  Today I got up to make the kids breakfast and Hannah had her "to-do list for the day" sitting there.  She was going on a much anticipated field trip, so I guess she didn't want to forget anything?

A Day in the life of an 8-year old

Hannah's To Do List:

  1. Wake-up
  2. Brush hair
  3. Eat Breakfast
  4. get shoes on
  5. get hudy (hoodie) on
  6. get backpack
  7. ride to school
  8. lock bike
  9. go to line
  10. go in classroom
  11. eat breakfast
  12. go on field trip
  13. look at things
  14. eat lunch
  15. look more
  16. go home
  17. watch TV
  18. do homework
  19. listen to music
  20. eat dinner
  21. eat disert (dessert)
  22. listen to music!
  23. brush teeth
  24. take shower
  25. get close (clothes)
  26. sleep

Friday, April 22, 2011

NO I'm not Oprah and I can't give away thousands of free products, BUT I can list right now, this minute, a few of my favorite things:

  • My iPhone-why did it take me this long to get one?
  • Instagram photo app for the iPhone-haven't figured out yet how to get the pics onto my computer but when I do I will share them! That's a sample on the those filters!

  • People that are doing something about our nation's childhood OBESITY-thank you to Jamie Oliver and organizations like this one-we will be subscribing
  • It's Good Friday today and the song Hero by Abandon just about sums up everything
  • skinny vanilla lattes that have half the syrup, therefore allowing me to drink more of them with less calories
  • THE SUN IS OUT and the birds are singing-ahhhh
  • My May magazine is almost completely done and meeting a deadline is definitely a favorite thing!
  • Baja style grilled fish tacos from Chronicle tacos-the lime, the cilantro, YUM!
  • Google business app services for my e-mail-may I NEVER lose another e-mail again!!
  • Getting my e-mail on my iPhone-how handy is that?
I am just so appreciative today.  I think it's the sun or all the lattes I've been drinking.  That or I'm delirious from all the Cadbury eggs I have been eating...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hannah got three teeth pulled last week. I made Mike take her so my dentist "anxiety" didn't rub off on her. She is deathly afraid of needles so I told Mike to have fun! I figured I had to endure all baby shots and kindergarten shots on both kids, so it could be his turn and he did it with a smile.  Hannah did great (I was really worried we would have to go the anesthesia route), I love her dentist.  Two of her teeth were huge, they looked like shark teeth.  She needed ibuphrophen for a couple days but the worst part was when she was numb, she chewed up a quarter-sized circle on her lower lip/cheek. Poor girl.  She will get a spacer appliance put on the lower teeth, then three more pulled on top and another spacer. It could be a long summer.  We haven't told her about more being pulled on the top in a couple months.  Maybe they will just get loose on their own. We can only hope.

Hannah got up early today because I accidentally told her last night at bedtime she had to clean her room.  If we tell her the night before she gets up at some absurd time and cleans her room to have it done.  I guess I should be loving her motivation. She thought it was a good time to write me a little note.  So she's had this bear with it's arm torn partly off and she's been bugging me to sew it.  Cook up a mean batch of cookies, make a great art project I can help my kids do but sewing- not so much.  So I used the excuse that I had lost my sewing kit which was partly true....I didn't look for it too hard.  Aren't I a nice Mom?  So Hannah found the sewing kit the other day and was so excited (I wasn't sharing that enthusiasm).  She wrote me a note today and placed it on my desk with the bear.  How could I not sew it up now?  Don't look too close at my poor stitches.
It says..Dear Mom, Please fix my teddy bear's arm with your sowing stuff it is in the cubburd besid the dish washer in the back. Love Hannah
See how the left arm looks a little weird-that would be the one I "sewed".

The other night Taylor and I were laying on my bed having the nicest conversation.  I can't believe how much my boy is growing up.  He is like a little encyclopedia-he loves information and facts.  He gets library books from the adult section about wildlife, history, etc.  So he was explaining to me how he has enjoyed reading about the difference between the ancient Chinese civilization and Mayans and citing facts and his opinions.  Then we turned to some current events. I get the paper everyday and he likes reading it.  I love that.  Then we turned to spiritual matters, new movies out.  It was so nice to talk to him.  The words he chooses are so adult like.  We were talking about the big Royal wedding and how sick of it we were to read and hear about it, and he says "Mom, I'm bewildered by the fact people are just so excited about it.  It's just a marriage."  Bewildered.  Oh he is so great, this boy of mine.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hannah and Annie the pony getting their workout in

Someone cut all her hair off!

Random March snow

Taking the kids mini-golfing

Mike assistant coaching Taylor's basketball team

OH NO! Eaten by a giant ant!

Guess who's in the castle?

Mr Coolio hanging out with a pink elephant.....

Taylor is #2

I was spontaneous (yes! just like the "old" me!) and suggested we go to Nevada to visit Mike's family over spring break week.  What a great idea!  It is so nice to get away from home and all it's projects and cleaning and working. We planned on leaving Sunday since I did our annual hotel stay with the kids on Friday but our dates were mixed up and we needed to be in Nevada by Sunday for Mike's brother's party.  So we had our hotel stay, quickly packed and left on Saturday.  I'm glad I can still be flexible :-)

We ate well, enjoyed time with family, did lots of shopping (outlet mall= sketchers store, Gap outlet, Ann Taylor!), had a dinner without kids (!), saw a couple movies (Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 was hilarious!), and enjoyed beautiful weather. I am also very happy to say I worked out 4 days with Mike!

Since Grandma and Grandpa have a pony, chickens, a goat and three dogs we didn't see Hannah much. She was either trotting with the pony or *watching* the chickens lay eggs.  She is such a farm girl at heart.  Taylor got sick of course, and watched marathon hours of Cartoon Network (we don't get that channel thank goodness).  I discovered Scrabble on Mike's Kindle. I love that game.  We went auctioning (is that a word?) with Mike's parents and I bid on a desk for Hannah.  An older style with lots of beautiful detail that includes a hutch.  We won!! It's ours!  I have grand plans of stripping it, re-painting it white to match her room and replacing the old hardware.  I can't wait, she needs a desk and a space to make all her creative artwork. I also won a brand new dutch oven.

After a whole week of leisure, it's back to the grind!  I shouldn't have ended that sentence with a ! because I'm not too excited to get back to our normal routine.  Oh well, such is life.  And there's that school and work thing we can't seem to shake off. At least our dogs were very excited to have us back home.