Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sorry, August is almost here and I've just been so busy to write here.  I do love to write here.  I've read and heard that "blogging is now done", like not popular anymore.  Well, not for me.  I love this place I can write and post photos of my favorite peeps.

I have had a really busy 3 weeks.  We went to Nevada to visit Mike's family for a week and left the kids for another week with Grandma and Grandpa and their cousins.  They look forward to the trip every year and really have so much fun.  I have to say I look forward to the week they are gone.  I do miss them and it's just weird not to have them around but the freedom!! Mike and I ate out almost every night and I tried a mojito twice, I'm telling you I was wild!  We celebrated his 37th birthday just the two of us and it was fun.  I had lots of work to keep me busy that week so it wasn't all fun and games.

Then they came back and started school.  I have to admit that because of my own awful experience starting junior high (new girl, tiny town, lots of cowboys, didn't fit in), I was nervous for Taylor.  I know he's getting older and all that crap, but really.  He's my boy that was permanently planted beside me for his first 13 months, my boy that I used to play with at the train table and sing Thomas the Tank Engine songs with.  To let him go do things on his own for some reason is hard.  Not so much for Hannah because she has always been independent and firmly had her own voice.  But Taylor and I have a bond, and it runs deep.  We can sit next to each other and make weird music and giggle at each other and just enjoy each other's presence.  I don't quite know how to let him go off to do things that could be difficult, or hard.  I'm practicing though.  He's had a great start at school so all my crazy and unnatural fears were unnecessary.  It's hard to not let your own experiences color your childs'.

Hannah really likes her teacher this year and was so excited to start school, yay!  I love her enthusiasm. She still hasn't gotten into the charter school that she wants to go to but is hopeful.

As for me, I'm ready to say goodbye to summer and get back into a routine. After joining the gym in June and taking off so much time for trips, I'm ready to go on a regular schedule.  I have to get up now at 6:15 in the morning, so that is tough!  Early to bed for me but my plan is to get to the gym every weekday morning since I am up so early.

Also, my brother surprised us all with a quick trip and I DIDN'T get any photos.  Bad me.  How nice to see him! The kids were so happy to spend time with him.

Here are some pics:

The kids swimming at the Bell pool-their favorite place every Tuesday.

Hannah and Katie on the ferris wheel at Scheels in Reno.  Hannah did not like the ride.  At all.

mini golfing!

My favorite porch planter, the flowers go crazy this time of year!

Taylor surrounded by the 3 hounds.  When the kids come home from school they get mauled by the dogs.

First day as a 7th grader (too dark outside to do our traditional pic)

First day as a 4th grader