Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday Night Live is really rocking this political season. Amy keeps a pretty good beat!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I got invited by Rendi to her church's "Super Saturday" where a bunch of women get together to eat, chat and craft. There were three Christmas projects to do and they were all so cute. Here is a picture of one of the projects, when I finish the other two I'll add them. It's just wooden blocks decoupaged with painted letters on them-easy and so cute!

Our creative-ness was flowing so later that afternoon we tried to go find other supplies to continue making more projects, and left Mike with all four kids. My husband is awesome. He went and got more pumpkins with the kids and let them pick out their patterns and started the process of pumpkin carving while we (Rendi and I) were out playing. They got distracted and played with neighbor kids so ours have yet to be carved, but I think he is pretty great for undertaking all that!Oh those silly boys!

Needless to say, we couldn't find the letters but we got paint and lots of determination!

And on a random note, here is a funny picture.
Here is how I found our cat: curled up in Hannah's stuffed kitty bed she got at Build-A-Bear workshop. He knows the best places to sleep and really LOVES her room.

He doesn't mind the pink satin or faux fur!

We went to the pumpkin patch last night, an activity I really love as well as the kids. We had already done the corn maze (cut out to the shape of McCain and Obama's faces-haha), so we needed pumpkins to carve. The kids got to enjoy hot doughnuts, an inflatable play area, hay ride and petting the animals-Hannah especially loves that, she has no fear around any animal.

We also wrapped up Taylor's soccer season on Thursday night. He has made a lot of progress this year, he is so tall and gangly that any sport is really great for the coordination building. Nice posing huh?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I haven't posted on here for almost three weeks! Life goes by quickly.

Here is a quick rundown of what I've been doing:
1. Taking kids to soccer, watching games and doing soccer 4 days a week. Doesn't Taylor look SO excited. That's my child full of positivity!

2. Planning a friends baby shower that is in three weeks. I made some cute invitations, am making a diaper cake this weekend and planning the menu.

3. Looking for a part-time job so I can have a regular pay check (extremely helpful when my clients don't pay). I think I landed one at Kohl's yesterday after a couple interviews and handing in lots of resumes at other places. Thanks to Jenny for putting in a good word for me!

4. WORKING-yeah!! I have done a postcard for a local dental office, a logo, the Idaho Botanical Garden's winter Garden aglow poster and postcard, and a display for the Peregrine Fund.

5. Hanging with the kids-they have had 5 days off this month for school.

6. Getting to go out for my anniversary. Mike and I celebrated 9 years on October 9th!! We went to the Cottonwood Grille and had a fabulous time. I haven't laughed with him that much for a long time. Hannah took our photo.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

DO NOT LEAVE A CUP OF COFFEE BY YOUR LAPTOP that you just got back from the Mac store (where they brought it back to life after having it for three weeks).

Yes, you heard it right. Only two weeks after getting my computer back from Apple, where they graciously gave me a new logic board and re-did the hard drive at THEIR expense (and after the warranty was expired), I spilled coffee right into the worst place to spill coffee on a Mac laptop. Warm, vanilla creamer flavored coffee.

And why did I have that coffee right by my computer, you ask? Well, I certainly do not know why, since in the three years and two months I have owned my laptop I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY LIQUID BY IT.

So the story goes like this: I was enjoying some early morning browsing with my nice warm coffee, realized I had it by the computer, picked it up to move it and it slipped, I spilled, screamed, mopped up the coffee with my shirt, mopped it off the keyboard, powered the computer down and waited, turned it on and nothing-no power, then I cried and within hours had it back to the service department of the Mac store. Bad news they say, THE LOGIC BOARD IS TOAST, GONE, DIED, LEFT TO HEAVEN, BROKEN, NO LIFE, FINISHED. And no logic board means no computer for me.

So then I really freak out-I had work due that day that afternoon, so I have to contact clients and tell them I can't get the work done and then I start worrying and feel really stupid.

Then I cry some more and after much fretting (I have projects due to clients on Monday) I bought myself a 20 inch imac today.

It's beautiful, it is twice the speed of the laptop, it has Leopard and Ilife and it was a lot of money. That I didn't have. That I wasn't planning on spending. That I will now have to work extra time for to earn. That I will have to hear about from my husband for a very long time.

If anybody knows of anybody needing graphic design services, you can find me here. Anytime. Day or night.