Thursday, December 24, 2009

How did this month get away from me so fast?? I promised myself this year, I was NOT going to do anything that stressed me out or I didn't want to I just had lovely takeout for dinner, I only made 2 baked items, didn't send or get presents for many people and I am fine with that.

If I sent out a Christmas card (which I did not), it may look something like this:

Okay so maybe I cheated a little and that was the one I made for my clients (altered a bit). It's the thought that counts. Yes, I think so.

This Christmas I am learning to appreciate, recognize and respect all the beauty and love that surrounds me in so many ways, that same love Jesus has for all of us.
Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here is what we did this past week at our house....little decorating, snow shoveling (yes, we got snow!)hair cutting, gingerbread house making and always-EATING!

Hannah's favorite christmas item, the snow globe

Sigh of relief *tree is done*

My collection of snowmen have found a home

garland paper tree

the shelves all christmas bling-ed out

Look how happy he is shoveling the driveway!

Look who got her hair cut last week, REALLY short (she loves it!)

Taylor piping some frosting on that gingerbread house

Hannah happily working on her house (they turned out interesting)

can't decorate unless you have lots of frosting and candy!

Four words to tease your tasters: cranberry upside down cake
it was beautiful even if my photograph doesn't capture it.

I have been wanting to try this recipe for awhile but needed an oven proof skillet to do so.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

seattle puzzle

It is officially December 1st and I am starting to feel the winter of the season. Hannah and I sat down the last three days and put together this puzzle, it was really hard. Really. I have never been a jig saw puzzler, just haven't had the attention, focus or patience but I got this one out that my sister gave me a couple years ago and was determined to finish it-after all on Thanksgiving weekend, what else is there to do? I was determined to show the kids to not give up. Hannah hung in there with me, and Taylor had no interest. I have been trying since that kid was a toddler to interest him in puzzles, but I think I get it now, he doesn't like them. Now I'm ready for another one-maybe 1,000 pieces. It is a perfect winter activity, along with reading and crafting...I think I feel those knitting needles calling me.

Maybe this is why I love fall and winter, the coziness of all being nestled inside together, warm and safe. Taylor, Hannah and I had a great time last week making origami "fortune tellers"...remember back in grade school, the little four pocketed pieces of paper that you wrote messages inside and colors on the outside,and put your fingers into? Taylor's "fortunes" were hilarious: from winning a trillion dollars to being eaten by a shark they were very creative. He was the smart one and showed Hannah and I how to make them. Hannah wasn't so interested in the fortunes as the colors and how it looked on the outside.
This weekend is our annual gingerbread house project-this year it's a village. I love buying those kits and not having to attempt to actually making the gingerbread.

Happy December!