Friday, November 2, 2007

Another fun year. The kids always love getting to do the pumpkins. This year Taylor got to dress up twice-for school he had to pick a career or character in a book, so he chose an eye doctor. So we got him dressed up as Dr. Seymore Clearly, hahhaha, and of course his later costume was a Bionicle, (imagine that), hannah a dog, Rendi was Princess Leah with Brendan and Spencer as a clone trooper & Annakin and my friends baby a very cute bumblebee.

Just some fun ones of the kids: Hannah feeding her baby doll Bjorn (the ones that wets and comes with food), Taylor reading his 3-D Dinosaur book, Hannah getting in a much needed nap and her painting some wooden leaf decorations.

It's been awhile since I've added pictures so here comes a whole bunch. Carol and Charlie came up in September and took us to the pumpkin patch, the kids loved it.