Saturday, July 28, 2012

In between work (which has been demanding) the kids and I have been trying our best to sleep in, do some activities and enjoy summer. Just last week our day went something like this: wake up at 9'ish, enjoy French toast for breakfast and start a mean game of phase ten (which took at least 2 hours), eat a quick lunch, go to my sisters house so the kids could all swim, then shaved ice on the way home. Ahh summer. Here are some pics: summer treats, park dates, Taylor's tree climbing, and Mike's handy work in the garage.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

So I've needed a dresser for awhile. My closet is pretty big and has tons of shelving but some clothes just don't work in shelves. My Mom handed me down a very pretty dresser she got awhile ago at an estate sale. I loved the size of it (9 drawers) but didn't like the honey colored wood for my room. So I refinished it in black, de-stressed it, and added new hardware.
The hardware was the hardest part. The existing ones were a funky size that didn't fit standard pulls so I went to a hardware only store. Wow, they had about 150 kinds of pulls. It took awhile to figure it out since they still didn't have my size, but the guy that worked there helped me find one that would cover up the old holes.
 I love the results!! It works perfect in my room with my other furniture.
I kind of enjoy refinishing furniture, it's a fun process. I just need a space to do it in. I was able to use the garage because the garage door finally broke after I backed into it 5 years ago, and it took a week to get a new garage door installed. Thankfully insurance covered everything and a new door opener.

the detailing is very pretty
After~  I love it!
Lots of sanding and stripping off the old varnish.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer is the time I wish I could be a full-time stay at home mom. There is so much to do and I really enjoy the time with the kids. It's fun how they change and each summer is a little different than the last. Taylor has officially outgrown parks. But he's a good sport for Hannah. Hopefully something they both won't outgrow is camping. I love it in short spurts. We just spent 5 days in the big pines of redfish lake. My smart sister booked the best double spot. We had tons of room, nobody behind us and two big tables. Mike and I upgraded our bed this year and it was wonderful. I bought a queen sized cot and topped it with 4-inch thick foam pads. Wonderful nights sleep for us! The weather was great and this year two families joined us and it was so much fun. Hannah had a girl her age to play with-yay! We had a great time and I've talked mike into one more campout this year. Cant wait.
Today I took Hannah and her friend to the water park. It has been in the 100's here so they enjoyed the water. There have been tons of fires do the air is icky. It's going to be a long hot summer.

We've also enjoyed some local parks, good times all around.

Rendi celebrated her birthday at camp!
Lots of talking and sitting
4th of July!