Sunday, June 15, 2008

I could be a little partial-but are those three just the cutest? I am super blessed to have them all and especially the big one in the middle, as my family. We celebrated Father's Day with an eggs benedict breakfast (turning out to be a tradition and mike's favorite) a hot cup of carmel latte and the kids presented their gifts-one of which is on Mike's head. It came with a matching T-shirt. We also got him the Ipod that I have been wanting to get him for over a year now. I'll see if he will actually use it :-)
He's a hard one to buy for at times. The kids got him a musical card that sings, "How Sweet It Is" and hannah had to play that song about 10 times today. Mike wanted us all to go see a family matinee, so "Kungfu Panda" it was. So funny, clean and a great family movie!

I made him a meat lover's dinner of potroast and all the trimmings ( an uncommon occurance in our house) and we made sure he got a nap in before dinner. It was fun to spoil him for one day and let me know how special he is to us.
Happy Father's Day honey...who knew what we were getting into 9 years ago? We sure didn't!


5. He has always helped with the messiness of having kids. You know what I mean: changing diapers, cleaning up vomit, spit-up and pee-nothing phases him and he likes the kids and house to be neat and has always helped clean. He is a laundry machine!

4. He spends time with the kids: playing games, reading, playing ball, taking them to movies and is involved in their activities.

3. How he wrestles and is silly with Hannah and Taylor since they were babies-they love it and laugh a lot. They've learned to be REALLY tough!

2. On days when I am feeling out of patience & energy and at my wits end, Mike is the first one to tell me to take a break-go for a walk or go get a coffee and let him take over. What a treat to have a partner that recognizes I need a time out and gives me relief!

1. He puts Hannah and Taylor at the top priority of his list and would do anything for them. If I have work and they are sick, he is home to take care of them. They will always know Dad is right there for them no matter what happens in life.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday we got to take a little drive to Oregon's Brownlee Resivior to see my Dad and his wife, Mary. He wanted to take the kids fishing and Taylor caught right on and LOVED it! Dad, Mike, Taylor and I got on the boat and went out for a couple of hours and Taylor caught about 6 fish, Mike got about 6 and I got maybe 3. Taylor was giving me some fishing lessons he'd learned from Grandpa!

Hannah, however did not want to ride the boat, or wear the life jacket, so she stayed with Mary and practiced riding her training-wheel free bike. She did try to cast out with the pole and got on the boat when it wasn't running.
We had a really nice day-maybe we will go fishing more often!

Hannah loves ballet and although she has never had a class, somehow she's learned a thing or two as you can see in the photo.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wow, two blog entries in one day-I am out of control!
Here is the latest fun list of "questions/get to know your friends better thing" that was e-mailed to me and I have to do it.. (I can't help myself!).
So here comes silly info about me and hubbie!

What is his full name? Michael Charles Case
How long have you been married? In October, it will be 9 YEARS!!
How long did you date? 9 (short) months
Who eats more sweets? ME,ME,ME..did I mention I have a very bad sugar tooth?
Who said I love you first? I think it was me....
How old is he? 32
Who is taller? he is but only by a couple inches (he's 6' and I'm 5'9)
Who is smarter? Okay he is
Who can sing better? I win this one!
Who does the laundry? He does every Saturday, he's an efficient laundry machine!
Who pays the bills? He does, he's much better at money stuff
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me
Who mows the lawn? Mike and he does a FINE job at it. (I don't do lawns!)
Who cooks dinner? All me
Who drives? What, are we in 1950? We both drive, but I guess on long trips, he does. I just sleep and try to keep the children from hurting each other.
Who is more stubborn? Oh yes, that is me by a long shot
Who kissed who first? Mike kissed me first but it was mutual.
Who asked who out? I DID-on Valentines Day!
Who proposed? He did and it was so wonderful.
Who has more siblings? me (he has 2 sisters, one brother-I have 3 brothers, 1 sister)
Who wears the pants? hello-obviously me, have you been reading these answers? :-)

Thank you love, for the past 8.5 years and the life we've made together.
I wouldn't have it any other way!
-Love, your schweets

It is amazing to see the differences in my two kiddos. When Taylor was in kindergarten we (Mike and I) decided he was just too old for training wheels and so we slowly bent them up since he wasn't using them much anyway. You would have thought we asked him to willingly agree to a series of shots in the arm. He was so scared and freaked out. Slowly but surely, we raised them up more and one day took them off. After that is was a couple of days of him figuring it out and us coaching along side him.
Today after Mike came home, Hannah declared, " Dad, take my training wheels off!"

I guess the pressure of seeing three other girls in the neighborhood her age on bikes minus training wheels was getting to her. Mike took them off and after 2 rounds of us holding her, she got it!!

As I write this, she is riding happily back and forth on the sidewalk while ringing her bell. It is just too funny! She can be stubborn and a little strong-willed, but when that girl makes up her mind, that is it.

Taylor approaches things a bit more slowly and thought out.

I also have pics here of our Memorial Day hike on the Oregon Trail Reserve in Boise.

The kids got to see actual wagon wheel tracks and learn all about the hardships of being a pioneer.

I would really loved to have pictures of Hannah's graduation on here, but in a moment of being "independent" shall we say, she sat the ENTIRE time in the audience watching her obedient classmates get their diplomas and sing really cute songs on stage. So no pictures for Mom. Oh, well, I can think of greater hardships!

Summer is here now and let the fun begin! Let's see if by August it's still fun!