Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just had to show off a project I've been working on since July for a client I've been working with for awhile.  She makes lovely skin products (her Coconut Lime sugar scrub is amazing!).  I did a whole re-do of her logo and product labeling.  It turned out so beautiful-look at that silver!
To see all of her products go to www.plumhill.net.  They really are quality stuff.

Friday, September 21, 2012

My name is Kristi Case and I approve of this message.

Haha.  No seriously, I am so SICK of hearing about the upcoming presidential election, and it's not even October yet.  We still have to endure annoying debates, last minute efforts and LOTS and LOTS of commericals. And bumper stickers.  And news coverage.  And photos.  And lying, backstabbing, cheating and fighting.

Where has our country gone to?  How about we take the billions spent on the campaigns and donate it to a good cause or put in the USA bank account?  It's so disgusting.

All anybody wants to do is point out the other side's mistakes and complain.  They both do it.  I'm not saying which political party I'm leaning towards because honestly, there is lots of problems with both candidates.

When did the people of this nation put everything on a president?  Yes, he is the leader of our country and makes lots of important decisions that affect us.  But he is only part of the big picture. What if we worked together to make things work?  Be a part of our community, help our neighbor?  Changing the atmosphere of the US starts in our own back yard.  Not with the president.  He is just the face. Instead of calling each other out for our opinions, why not work towards a solution?

Critical, critical, critical.
While both parties rant about what the other party isn't doing or how they've messed up, aren't we missing out on what does need to be done?  When did being nasty become accepted?  Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty.  Radio stations, talk shows and publications that focus on just complaining about the political party they don't like is so disappointing.  

It takes a lot to change something and the President can't do it on his own, no matter who he is.  I will be voting in November but I'm not really excited about who I'm voting for.

I'm not voting based on:

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Political Party or
  • Gender

But I DO know I will be watching Saturday Night Live's version of this election because it is hilarious to see how well they make fun of these guys. Really funny.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh, how I love this time of year!  The food, the colors, the trees, the pumpkins, the hot drinks. I just tried a soy chai with a shot of pumpkin spice and I'm in love.  I have to say at Starbucks, they are just so happy to let you try whatever you like, and if you don't like it, they'll make you a new drink. 

 Anyways, I could talk about coffee for awhile but-here are some fabulous finds over the web.  Of course you can also just go to my Pinterest to see more.  I have a board just for fall.  

Fall Tablescapes-so pretty!

The kids and I did this project last year.  You can enjoy all the colors of fall throughout the winter.

Print these and then frame them for some cute and easy art!

What a great idea!! Homemade coffee creamers without all the crappy ingredients.

One of the best uses of pumpkin for baking: Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.  I can't be around these things too long or I will eat many of them.

And being released this fall.....
the Iphone 5!  It might have to be my Christmas present!

Get out the crockpots!!

The cutest fall decoration I've seen

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here are some pics from my iphone that I thought I would share.

Favorite Pedicure ever.  It's called the Minx and it lasted 2 months!  It's a wrap they apply with heat, not polish.  Loved it.  The design was paisley with rhinestones.  Totally doing that next summer.

Happy voter.  Our community passed a much needed education bond.  That's me and my "I Voted" sticker. I was trying to look as cheesy as possible.  Did I pass?

Taylor's current favorite place. That kid really loves to climb things-fences, walls, trees, rocks.  I guess he's trying out the phrase 'practice makes perfect.'

My favorite time of day.  Every day the kids come home from school and most of the time I'm working in my office.  So, they sit on the love seat, with the dogs and tell me about their day at school, what homework they had, etc.  Love it.

Sweet fresh peaches.  Peaches are in season, and I am eating them up as fast as possible.  With cottage cheese, in cereal, sprinkled with cinnamon, or my favorite pictured above: with greek yogurt, granola and cinnamon.  Yum.

Dog takes over bed.  This is a crappy photo but last night Hannah and I were watching TV in bed and Isa took up her favorite spot: next to me with her head on the pillow, just like a person.  She makes herself nice and comfy and it was funny. Sometimes I wake up and there she is.  The picture doesn't quite capture it.

Favorite poem about marriage.  I found this on Pinterest (obesessed with that site really!) and love it!

We got to go camping again over Labor Day weekend with my sister + family (yes, I am a little behind on posting, but it's better late than never, right?).  We tried out a campground by Lake Cascade.  The good thing was we had a killer view of the lake, it was beautiful.  

Also, our campground featured a newly built, very nice shower facility.  Super clean, tiled and free!  That plus flushing toilets is a HUGE bonus when camping.  It's makes the whole experience easier.  The down side was our camp site was very small, we had to set up our tent on the asphalt and the sites were pretty close together so we got to be..um..close with our neighbors.  In our endeavor to make camping as comfortable as possible while still in a tent...we got a new, huge tent that is awesome. No need to duck as it's 6' the whole space and there was lots of room inside.  Since it got down to 37 degrees, next year my next item to purchase will be a heater for the tent.  And that should do it.  Maybe.

It was really a great weekend.  Everyone was free to do what they wanted.  Hannah and Brendan played about 48 hours of card games, Taylor got to do some "parkour", and I took about 4 naps and read.  We went to Gold Fork Hot Springs near McCall one day and it was fabulous, and had breakfast at the delicious pancake house in McCall.  

Deer came down two nights we were there.

Silly boy!