Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Basketball time! Taylor is in the black shirt by ref-the tallest one

Yep, February is almost gone and before Taylor turns 10 and I am posting pics of his birthday up here, I have a few photos to add from previous weeks.

February didn't start out too great with my Grandma's funeral but I did learn something I can appreciate. It is amazing to have such a wonderful family that I can laugh with, that doesn't expect too much of me and a place i can be myself (and that is NOT defined by the baby sister-you older siblings out there reading this!).

Rob and Sean celebrating Rob's birthday

Sean's biggest fan

Rob, Trina and baby Kiera

We clean up pretty well...

Who's idea was it to take these pictures with the stupid bulletin board behind us?

Robb's birthday was a perfect excuse for a prime rib dinner (and I didn't mess it up)-yum!

My brother Geordie, wife Tia and baby Elizabeth

Hannah took this a picture-
apparently this is how parents look like to a 7 year old (Dad looks a little menacing)

And can I just say how cute these babies are? SO CUTE! I love every minute I get to spend with them. Being an aunt is a really great thing, I am understanding exactly how grandparents love their role. You just get to hand that baby back. No questions.

My mom with her three grandbabies


Karsten and Kiera

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I just finished my personal and business taxes and found out a little secret I didn't know the past 3 years that gives me quite a little bump in my refund. So thank you IRS, I will enjoy this year and the years to come and ALL the {legal} DEDUCTIONS I can muster.

On a more fun note, I have lots of pictures to load of my darling nieces and nephew babies. Although the past 7 weeks have been difficult, they have been a shiny bright spot. I took my oldest brother to the airport today, along with his girlfriend and 6 month old daughter, to go back to Alaska. My older brother Sean went back to Japan on Sunday. I am going to miss having all my siblings here, plus I got to see my little brother twice the last couple months. Although our hearts have been sad, it has wonderful to spend time with my fabulous family.

Now back to work and a regular schedule. Blah. Did I mention the kids get a 5-day weekend this week? Oy.