Monday, September 22, 2008

I think nobody reads my blog..sniff sniff
I don't know many other people with a blog-a couple of my close friends use myspace (yuck!) please if you so feel inclined and anybody other than my sweet sister Rendi comes here- PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! You family members that are on here, sign on and say something, it makes it much more interesting (Mike that includes you!)!!

I'm going to have to go get some virtual friends on blogspot so I can not feel so riduculous reading other people's blogs...does ANYONE else do that? Let's get honest, now! I must say I find it really fun just clicking on people I don't know and reading their I just weird?
Leave a comment about your opinion on this.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First I just want to say I am SO happy it is fall, my very favorite season of all. Crisp apples, the coldness of the air, the brilliant chaning leaves, soccer season and pumpkin patches just make this time of year wonderful.

What is NOT making this time of year wonderful is the fact that I have NO computer. A week ago, actually over a week ago, I went to restart my Mac laptop and nothing, nada. So after calling tech support (I HIGHLY recommend getting apple care with any apple computer), I had to take it to my local and only mac store, MacLife. After 4 days they finally diagnosed it as having "multiple issues" meaning it needs a new logic board and memory updates, and had to be sent to Apple headquarters.
So here I am pining away for my computer, not just because I enjoy the little familiar place I've created there with my iTunes and my favorite websites, and all my pictures on hand, but I HAVE WORK TO DO! This computer is where all my files are, how I work on projects. And for me work=sending out invoice, and sending out invoices=money and money=groceries, gas, etc!

I had to call clients and tell them I couldn't do their projects because I had no computer and the ones with upcoming deadlines had to go elsewhere, it's killing me!

So here I am using my kids PC, what has life come to? I've had to load acrobat and flash, and put all new favorites in. Then Friday Mike's computer crashed, so just like old times, we are all back to using one computer. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned in this....go find something else to do besides be on the computer!!!

But for now I just have to think about all the projects I could be working on...sigh.
Good news is all my data was recovered. WHEW! It could be much worse!
So until my Mac comes back, I'll be stuck on this PC..big sigh. At least I can check e-mail. And the repair is all covered by what am I complaining about really?