Friday, September 1, 2006


Yes, the kids started school
(and might I say are they so cute or what?)
Taylor is in first grade and Hannah in pre-school.
Yes, I've had all summer to get ready for it.

But I'll never be fully prepared for the comments, attitudes and overall grown-up actions they are already displaying for me. I just feel sad that their not entirely mine, I have to share them. I guess I knew the day would come. I know I'm pathetic, for goodness sake Taylor was in kindergarten last year. But there was a sweet innocence and sheltered aspect of it, they never really interact with the big kids.
I guess I should just get used to all of this. Soon they'll be off to college and I'll be weeping for a month.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. I feel so modern and hip. But the pathetic thing is I am probably the only one that read this. I gotta keep up though, I'm only 30 for goodness sake and it's an easy way to keep people updated and get pics up there of the family. Not like our lives are so exciting. Just busy. With school starting, comes soccer, gymnastic, church activities and business is really good for me.
Who know when I will write in here next, but for now I'll just keep adding photos and maybe checking back to see if anyone has read.

Take care everyone out there in eblogger space!