Monday, April 21, 2008

I have to admit that turning 30 was a really big step for me and there was some mourning of the passing of my youth and the "20's". But nothing really prepares you for the perspective of children. Yesterday, Taylor asked me "when you were a little girl, were there cars, or just mostly steam engines...and did you have a phone?"

I was trying hard not to laugh as I answered his question that yes, there were cars, they just looked a little different.
Oh these silly kids of mine, they grow up so fast. I'll have to write that one down to save for later.
We are reading one of my favorite books as a kid from one of my most favorite authors as a kid, Judy Blume's Superfudge, at night before the kids go to bed. Hannah and Taylor laugh and think the main character is so funny, he calls his little brother names and gets grossed out by his little sister's diapers and they just giggle and giggle. Sometimes I am reminded of how simple life can be at times with them. We are moving on to Little House on the Prairie after Superfudge, my all-time favorite as a kid. I think I read that whole series at least 3 times through by the time I was ten.
I am really thankful the kids love to read as much I do!