Thursday, January 15, 2009

I guess I have no choice since my camera is dead to just post a posting with no pics, it's so bland!! Happy 2009!
Here is a rundown of what I've been up to since last blog:
1.) Completely enjoyed having Sean here and was sad to see him go back to Japan (but really excited to hear what happens when he gets back :-) more on that in the future!

2.) House was taken down with sickness. Everyone is well now but we used a lot of cold medicine, tissues and Gatorade. Only one trip to the doctor.

3.) Lots of planning and preparation for operation HANNAH'S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE. She is getting a room makeover and it took me awhile to gather everything. But the plan is in effective starting tonight while my Mom has her and Mike and I are assembling a new bed, putting up curtains, assembling a nightstand, hanging a canopy over her bed, hanging a cute magnetic board and I get to completely ORGANIZE AND CLEAN HER ROOM. Why is that so exciting to me? I can't stand her room right now. Don't worry I will have before and after pictures this weekend.

4.) I have had some graphic design work come in!!! YEAH!! I haven't been to Kohl's for like 2 weeks-things are tough in the retail world right now!

5.) Working on Taylor's big birthday surprise that is next month.

6.) Shopping and wishing for a new digital camera, so far I am getting a Canon Powershot SX110 IS, unless I find something better.

Oh I forgot, I got to take Taylor to "Walking With The Dinosaurs"-a present from Heather, it was so awesome, he had a great time. I am really glad that came to Idaho, they just finished up in Australia. Life sized replicas that move!