Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lately I have been feeling less-creative and a lot LESS inspired. That added to the fact that I am working 2 crummy part-time jobs to put some chaching in my bank account can really start making a girl feel a little whiny. Why don't I have as many projects to work on, where are my clients and why is nobody calling me back for the graphic design jobs I have put my apps in for??

So I was polishing my resume today and going through some files and found some of my past work. I really felt good looking at it, I felt proud to know I had designed those things and that was my CREATIVITY at work.
So I thought just for fun, I would post some of my work. I am still creative, I have still got it and even though things are slow right now doesn't mean I am any less of what I aspire to BE! And that is what just got me phone call with a 10 hour project coming my way! Yeah!

These are just some of the covers and layouts from the over 30 magazines I designed.

An ad that went into Skywest Magazine in 2007-this guy now owns Sotheby's in McCall, Idaho.

I have done lots of Sotheby's ads...

Idaho Botanical Gardens-they are awesome, this is just a couple of MANY things
I have done for them

Ad for the back cover of a local magazine

Flyers for a home builder in Boise

Cover and interior design for a couple that were trying to launch this magazine

Inside of a very nice brochure for my all-time favorite client


Rendi said...

You are the best and don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you differently. Thanks again for helping with the bunkbeds. The boys loved their new room. I will have to post great pics when I get their new bed quilts.