Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taylor and Hannah have been working hard the last couple months to get ready for a music performance and a dance recital. Taylor started learning the recorder (remember those?) and they had a music program at his school called "The Nature of Weather", complete with the percussion band (didn't know what that was), costumes, effects and great props. Taylor was an enthusiastic singer and a great recorder player. Here he is during one song (second row below Misty).

Hannah started taking dance class in January. I thought it would fun to expose her to dance/ballet/tap and see if she liked it (I think those longs legs would be great for ballet). Well, she did like her dance costume and leotards and socializing, but not so much the dancing part. She said she is more of a gymnastics girl. I told her we still had to finish out the season and be a part of the recital. She is really nervous in front of people, which cracks me up because she can talk anybody's ear off, and can make a friend in a second. However, at her preschool performances, well, she didn't even make it up on stage. So we talked about doing your best, and honestly I thought she would make a big issue of not performing. But she had a great attitude, practiced extra at home and did her recital. Here's a video of her dancing. Sorry for my lack of video skills and half the song she is stuck behind another little girl. But get a load of the costumes. So cute. I wish I had brought my actual video camera.