Thursday, July 8, 2010

As a fan and someone who has done the Dave Ramsey program, I have followed a blog I found a year ago about a family living DEBT- free and saving for their first house-paying in cash (they are also Dave Ramsey fans).  Back then I was aghast that somebody would take on a goal of saving enough money to pay cash for their home. No home mortgage...WHAT??  Well here is a very awesome post of this same couple that are reaping the fruits of their labor, and just bought their beautiful home, IN CASH. 

It kind of gives me a little kick to start making some goals and sticking to them.  We have the envelope/cash system down, we had our emgerency fund nicely built up, only to have a washing machine, oven, and vacuum cleaner need repairs all in 2 months time, and we just had to replace the van's tires-all of them.  So while we have goals to get the emergency fund built up again, I think we have some more work about getting that debt snowball going quickly.  It's easier to stay in the same place and make excuses, but it's harder to buckle down, eat out less and knock down some debt.  I know my husband is reading this and saying, YES!! Let's get to work!! 

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration.  Now go read that blog, it just makes you want to save money.