Monday, March 26, 2012

Here are some very yummy things I've been cooking up.  Have you been on Pinterest?  I love it!!

Cinnamon Sugar bread-layers of sugary bread goodness

Crock pot mac-n-cheese-so easy and it is exactly like "oven" macaroni and cheese-I used cheddar and mozzarella cheese

Overnight french toast casserole-this is easy and a perfect weekend morning treat-funny story I tried to make homemade hamburger buns and they just didn't rise enough so I used them in this casserole and it turned out just right!

Lofthouse sugar cookie bars-all the flavor of sugar cookies, only thicker and softer-need I go on?

Strawberry Buttercream-that's all. Perfect.  Put them on sugar cookies above and rainbow cupcakes Hannah and I made.

Now I need to keep exercising after this food!!!
I really need to live in a neighborhood that doesn't mind random food delivery so I don't have this stuff hanging around. I know some of my neighbors that I've shared with, but many of them I don't know...or at least well enough to drop off goodies :-)

Happy Spring!

It's spring break week around here and we are:
attending Lego Robotics class (just Taylor)
catching a few movies
making some goodies
going out to lunch
crafting some pretty Easter projects (that is only Hannah and I)
having sweet cousins over for a sleep over