Monday, May 14, 2012

What a wonderful day I had yesterday.  
I have to say, Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  
Not because my family does such a great job of making me feel like a queen, but because it's always a day that I feel so thankful for all of my blessings. Motherhood is a privilege many women do not get to enjoy, and although I started my journey a little too young and unprepared, I really am happy I get to be Mom to my two kiddos and thankful for the grace I've been given on this journey.
I am so thankful for my Mom and the relationship that we are able to have.  Not so long ago, I lived far away and after every visit I would be so sad, but since living close to her, it has been such a great time of developing a grown adult/Mom relationship and sharing my kids with her.  Again, so blessed.

Every year, I really don't expect anything on Mother's Day, just time with my babes and my one rule that I don't feel ONE bit guilty of making: I don't cook dinner.  I don't want to shop for it, plan it or cook it.  I don't care if we go out to eat or we eat at home, I just want this one meal to be something I don't have to prepare and I get to pick.
So this Mother's Day we had a lovely late breakfast at my sister's house with all of our kids and my Mom.  We enjoyed omelets and crepes on my sister's beautiful deck.  How nice!  Taylor got me some herbs to put in my new planter in the kitchen, Hannah made me a memory book and Mike got me a gift card to my favorite spa.  Mike and I agreed on no gifts this year since we are going on vacation but he NEVER listens!!! For dinner we went to my favorite Thai place, it was so good.  Hannah loved the curry and Taylor ate almost everything else.  I'm so glad their taste buds are expanding. 

 I gave my Mom her choice of a spa service when the three of us all go together.  Fun stuff. I think I'll go for a pedicure and get my toes ready for the summer! The kids picked out a lovely card and hanging basket for Grandma, and of course, she loved it.  Hannah went home with Grandma and got to help her plant and even got to pick out the flowers for her own pot.  I think she might have Grandma's green thumb, she really enjoys it.  She also talked Grandma into strawberry and watermelon plants.

Here are the photos in no order, of course:

My handsome boy.  He is growing up way too fast!

Beautiful cut flowers from my sister's house, look at that peony!

Me and my sillies...

Herbs!  I love this planter-I got it last summer at a craft fair that sells  items from  people in other countries.  This was hand painted from Africa.

Hannah wrote two stories/favorite memories and two little poems for me, I LOVE it! I really enjoy seeing how creative she is.

Random food shot: my favorite snack of Greek yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.. So good AND filling!