Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here is what we are busy doing this week:

1.  I am wrapping up the December issue of my magazine.  Check out this cover:

Doesn't it make you feel all ready to ho-ho-ho? I definitely do after immersing myself in everything Christmas for the last week.

2. Taking the kids to Wreck It Ralph with some friends.  Fun! Mike and I also went to see SkyFall and it was pretty good!

3.  Trying out a new thing with the turkey this year: brining.  For all you foodies out there that are probably sighing and mumbling boredom because you've been doing it for the past 10 years, I know, I'm slow to this one.  We do the same thing every year to the turkey and it's really good, but this year we're feeling adventurous.  I'll let you know how it goes.  BTW: Mike is in charge of the bird.  *Happy sigh.*

4.  I get a manicure tomorrow. What a treat.  My reward for all the work I've been doing (and it stops me from biting my nails).

5.  I have lots of new work and am happy to have it.  Going to work hard to purchase a new iMac.  My current one is wonderful but very slow.

6.  Got Mike a membership to my gym and it's so nice to have him with me sometimes.  I know a lot more about the weight room now!

7.  Getting SO excited to buy Hannah her big Christmas present.  It's a secret!

8.  Celebrating good grades, smart kids and accomplishments.  Yay!

9.  Harley's stinky skin is finally getting better after 3 rounds of pills. Mike is a pro at shoving them down his throat, after coating them with applesauce.  Harley will swallow anything that resembles food.

10.  Preparing for a holiday crafting day and making a Christmas-y penant.

That's all!  Happy Thanksgiving.