Monday, July 8, 2013

Let's get one thing clear...I HATE the heat.  If ever someone was designed to NOT flourish in warm weather, it would be me.  I feel sick, sunburn easily, and sweat a lot (sorry if that was TMI).  I faint when I get overheated.  How dramatic is that?  My body just shuts down and there I go.  It's happened several times, ever since I was little.  So when the weather turned to 108, I about died.

We had already made reservations for a quick weekend trip to a little amusement park in Utah during a monstrous heat wave.  The kids had a great time, just give them a hotel pool and a bed and they are super happy.  We went to show the kids and Mike Salt Lake City and walk around, and it was a mere 105.  I was sweating.  The next day we went to Lagoon, I sunblocked, watered everyone and made sure we had TONS of ice water.  It was fun and there were water rides and a water park area to cool us down, but after about 5 hours we were totally drained.  I offered to come back later but everyone was happy to cool down and swim at the hotel.  I was more than happy to spend time inside with the AC blasting.

It cooled down to a chilly 98 degrees a couple days later for the fourth of July.  We had a laid back day since Mike had the entire week off.  We went to downtown Boise to view the cool chalk art and later watched fireworks. It was pretty quiet.  We usually plan a BBQ or last year we went camping for the 4th so this year was mellow. Mike took the kids swimming the next day and we went bowling Wednesday.  A little stress-free staycation and time with Mike, which is what the kids really needed.  It was nice week of hanging out with the kids and no schedule.  Yay!

And here are the photos in a very haphazard, sort of way.  I didn't get any pics at Lagoon!

4th of July nails!  Hannah said mine were not matching and I couldn't do hers!


Taylor climbing at Boise depot

Chalk art festival in downtown boise

happy 4th!

My red, white and blue girl!
From my own rose bush!!

because every dog should have a pillow when napping

silly Dad during a hot game of Phase 10

my starry girl!

All the cousins together for Monsters U.

Shoshone Falls with not very much water

Are we done yet?  Because it's about 110 out here and we want AC!!!