Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, how I love that place called the Melting Pot....have you been there? Set aside 2-3 hours, find some great people to go with and bring your appetite.

We celebrated Rendi's late birthday so her, Mom and I went for dinner tonight and what a treat. It was delicious. So if you haven't been to a fondue place, go!! You'll love it. I even felt a little crazy and went for the Turtle fondue that has pecans in it-as a NON-NUT person I thought it would be icky but it was fabulous and the perfect ending to a great dinner and night!

The other part of her birthday was us all going to Mamma Mia on Friday night! What a treat-a!

As a long fan of ABBA (mom played it every Saturday on the RECORD player while we cleaned house when I was a kid), we sang along to all the songs and laughed-it was really funny. I love Abba's songs so much when I took video editing in college I did my own version of a "Dancing Queen" video and that played at my graduation portfolio review-I was the only one that didnt' get sick of hearing that song all day.
It was a fun movie and a huge change from "The Dark Knight" I saw Saturday night with my friend Heather, I'll take Mamma Mia anyday!

So it was great to spend a couple nights with my Mom and my sister-we truly enjoy each other's company-and even had some lively discussions in there as well-some say arguments, in our family we say discussions :-)