Saturday, October 25, 2008

I got invited by Rendi to her church's "Super Saturday" where a bunch of women get together to eat, chat and craft. There were three Christmas projects to do and they were all so cute. Here is a picture of one of the projects, when I finish the other two I'll add them. It's just wooden blocks decoupaged with painted letters on them-easy and so cute!

Our creative-ness was flowing so later that afternoon we tried to go find other supplies to continue making more projects, and left Mike with all four kids. My husband is awesome. He went and got more pumpkins with the kids and let them pick out their patterns and started the process of pumpkin carving while we (Rendi and I) were out playing. They got distracted and played with neighbor kids so ours have yet to be carved, but I think he is pretty great for undertaking all that!Oh those silly boys!

Needless to say, we couldn't find the letters but we got paint and lots of determination!

And on a random note, here is a funny picture.
Here is how I found our cat: curled up in Hannah's stuffed kitty bed she got at Build-A-Bear workshop. He knows the best places to sleep and really LOVES her room.

He doesn't mind the pink satin or faux fur!


laura said...

Hey there,
Ijust love your blog! Maybe you can help me set one up for us. Anyway, I tried to post a comment a couple of weeks ago and got totally confused! So before I start rattling I want to make sure you will get this!
Love you guys!

Kristi Case said...

It is really easy to set up a blog, you just pick a template and type away!
Good to hear from you!