Thursday, October 23, 2008

I haven't posted on here for almost three weeks! Life goes by quickly.

Here is a quick rundown of what I've been doing:
1. Taking kids to soccer, watching games and doing soccer 4 days a week. Doesn't Taylor look SO excited. That's my child full of positivity!

2. Planning a friends baby shower that is in three weeks. I made some cute invitations, am making a diaper cake this weekend and planning the menu.

3. Looking for a part-time job so I can have a regular pay check (extremely helpful when my clients don't pay). I think I landed one at Kohl's yesterday after a couple interviews and handing in lots of resumes at other places. Thanks to Jenny for putting in a good word for me!

4. WORKING-yeah!! I have done a postcard for a local dental office, a logo, the Idaho Botanical Garden's winter Garden aglow poster and postcard, and a display for the Peregrine Fund.

5. Hanging with the kids-they have had 5 days off this month for school.

6. Getting to go out for my anniversary. Mike and I celebrated 9 years on October 9th!! We went to the Cottonwood Grille and had a fabulous time. I haven't laughed with him that much for a long time. Hannah took our photo.