Friday, November 14, 2008

So what do you do when you want a part-time job at night so you can be at home with the kids during the day and pursue your other job (mine is the graphic design) and love shopping and clothes?? The answer is get a job at Kohl's. I am now an "ad-set" associate for that fabulous department store and I've already used my employee discount!! I work from 8pm-12-2am (depending on the sales) putting up all those signs that tell you how much the price is. It's pretty easy and I am a night owl so it works out. I don't think I'll retire there or anything, but for right now getting a regular weekly paycheck is very important for food and gas (especially when you have two children that eat non-stop, and stay so skinny).

I am also listed with a temp agency I get calls from occasionally to do admin-type work. Between my three jobs, we should be able to zap out some debt, or at least fund some new shoes I would like :-)