Thursday, December 11, 2008

I forgot to put up a post of the Gingerbread house. Taylor is so funny, he asks me the other day what traditions we do and I mentioned making the gingerbread house that we were doing that night, and this year he didn't participate. It's really fun to have my own kids and incorporate traditions I have done from my childhood with new ones, like making the gingerbread house and we always let the kids pick out a new christmas ornament and write their name and year on it. When they grow up and move, they can have all those ornaments. We also make cookies every year and I do believe I love it more than they do!

I have worked about 60+ hours this week, a little crazy for me and I will never do it again!! I have hardly seen my kids, my Christmas to-do list is stacking up and my house...well we won't even go there. The GOOD news is I can smack down some money on that new computer I had to buy that I am really enjoying, plus extra money this time of year is handy. But still holding down four jobs at once isn't fun. The good thing is it adds variety! My current "four jobs"-ad set at Kohl's, temp job at collection agency, cook at an assisted living center, graphic design work.
Variety is the spice of life, and I have to keep learning, that is a good thing!


Rendi said...

We missed you at my party! I would really like to see my sister again sometime...