Wednesday, December 17, 2008

(My favorite is the snow themed one)
Christmas is almost here!
Rendi and I have been cranking out our "JOY" blocks, they are pretty easy and we think, a great christmas decoration to give away.

We've had arctic temperatures and even a little snow, the kids are so excited to break out their winter gear and get outside, but it is COLD!! 14 degrees on some days and more to come.

I'll have to break out this picture when they get older and fight a lot! Aren't they too cute?

Hannah and Taylor have been so loving, playing all the time with each other. They are very imaginative with their games. Today Taylor was helping Hannah with her homework and being SO patient, as she is often a little DIFFICULT to work with! Right now they are playing Transformers, it is funny how much Hannah knows about them from her older brother.
After a couple hours though, they are usually ready to do their own thing but I just love hearing them talk and plan their next game. I hope this lasts for awhile.


Rendi said...

What a cute pic! Can't wait for Christmas!!!!