Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hannah her wonderful teacher last day of school!
taylor and hannah's gifts to their teachers-they had their picture and a message written on each can full of markers, pens, highlighters, etc.

As I was participating in Hannah's end of the year celebration in her kindergarten class, I realized this was the last kindergartner I'll have. They are just so sweet at this age, and leaping into first grade really changes them. I watched her and all her classmates, so innocent, happy and open to everything. Her teacher gave them all certificates, showed us a slide show of the entire year (and we got copies!), they did a pinata outside and got a fabulous BBQ hosted by various local businesses. We had hot dogs, pulled pork, cookies and rolls, and beverages at 9am, yum. Hannah made sure Daddy and Grandma joined in the fun. I hope she enjoyed it because after kindergarten in our school system, the bells stop there. The last day of school doesn't come with a lot of hoopla. So we ate, played, had some candy and hugged the teacher goodbye. My baby is ready for first grade. i think after summer i will be ready for her to be at school ALL day!
Pinata time!

hannah's favorite place on the playground-the jungle gym!

I made it through kindergarten!

Hannah's favorite pillow-harley

Hannah with dotty-the class dog-one last time

Ginger really loves taylor-look at that tongue!

nothing to look at here folks, just Mike doing the dishes-wait what IS that on his back?


Rendi said...

Hannah looks like she loved Kindergarten...such good times! Her excitement will come from different things now and there are still bells-just a slight variation!