Saturday, June 27, 2009

Okay, I know I have been going on and on about Dave Ramsey for a lifetime on this blog, and you're probably like "enough of the money talkie talkie" so I'll keep this short. He has "baby steps" to financial freedom, there are seven. Let's just say Mike and I thought we would be occupying the first three for several years.
AS OF FRIDAY, WE HAVE BABY STEP 1 DONE! $1000 in a savings account for emergencies. Yipee, what a great feeling to know that we have money when something comes up and we don't have to panic or use plastic (which I will never use again in MY LIFE).

Now on to Step 2- debt snowballing-we have giselle intensity!
And I can't close out here without an endorsement for DAVE RAMSEY. If you can't do the University, just read his book-Total Money Makeover. But he is so awesome to see in person, the book wouldn't do him justice.

That's all, thanks for coming along on my Financial peace journey.


Rendi said...

Glad you're excited about it and you have been successful...are you finally done now? Was yesterday your last class?

Michael said...

Gazelle, I think Giselle is a european model.