Saturday, November 28, 2009

I bet after my last rant on traditions you were wondering what my thanksgiving was going to look like?
Well, here is a sneak peek: me cooking by myself with two kids while Mike had a fever, body aches and was overall miserable. Making food all day, setting a table, clearing table and then doing dishes three times. The kids really were such a help, they cut, cleared, cleaned and I couldn't have done it without them. They even picked out all the serving dishes, my little domestic duo. But still, so much work for 3.5 people. It tasted wonderful. Why do I wait so long to eat turkey all year? In the future when someone is sick we are ordering take out. I will.
I got to enjoy some shopping the day after. Got to Target at 8am and made out with half the deals I wanted to so I was pretty happy.

nothing like a little turkey a la candlelight

the kids veggie tray

the kids making the veggie tray..are their knives huge enough?

the table..pre-food

who needs a centerpiece when you can use tree brances?

this was where Mike was all weekend, feverishly wrapped up in blankets needing water and ibuprophen every 4 hours, poor guy...he did sit shivering at the table eating

the happy girl and her dog


Krystal said...

Looks very magazine worthy! What a bummer that he was sick. I'm impressed with the kids helping out. I am excited for those days! :)