Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are you singing the Jefferson's theme song yet?
Taylor didn't actually move "up,  more like down the hall a bit.

Taylor's old small green room.  It felt cave-like, and see all the Lego Bionicle pieces on the floor?  We have some new storage systems in place in the new room so hopefully my bare feet won't have to step on the Bionicle pieces.
We decided since Taylor had the smallest room in the house and the guest room that is only occupied a couple times a year is much bigger, it was time to move him.  The guest room was actually supposed to be the office when we picked out our floor plan for this house and has no closet, but that is okay because my super talented, handy-man hubby is going to build one.  In the meantime, Tay can just use his old closet that was re-organized. 

Taylor wanted a blue room, so I picked a very light blue-grey color-hopefully this can take him into the pre-teen years.  After him and Mike picked the color of his old room (grass green) six years ago, I decided it was my turn to pick the blue :-)
Now he has lots of light and space to spread out.

See that rocking chair in the left corner?  Taylor got that from his Grandma when he was 2 and will NOT give it up. I think it's pretty sweet.  Hannah has been eying it for years.

We painted over the weekend and moved his stuff on Monday.  He is really excited to have more space.  He spends a lot of time in his room building bionicles and star wars lego stuff and since he got a desk in February, does all his homework there.  He is the kind of kid that really loves his space and enjoys being alone with his favorite things. I still need to get curtains and hang up some shelving but we are pretty much done.

Now on to the new guest room, and painting over the green and moving everything back to there.
It never ends when you have a house.  But I like having two "new" rooms freshly painted and organized.