Sunday, September 5, 2010

I've had some time to do a little cooking, and here are some recipes to try:
Yummy chicken pot pie here , complete in those cute little ramekins (Hannah loved it.)
Banana snack cake over here
Ellie over at Food Network has some pretty good energy bars here (I am the only one eating them)
and Giada De Laurentiis has a couple great lunch box recipes Hannah and I are making here (scroll all the way down for recipes).

Two websites I am enjoying lately:
Knock-off wood -really awesome plans for making furniture that looks just like the stuff at Pottery Barn.  According to Ana White, who makes all these plans and is a "homemaker" in Alaska-anyone can do it!

I get to try products from this local company that I have done some work for (when you get to the home page and see the label on the Tamanu Oil bottle-I did that :-)

and finally

....stay tuned for more on our Labor Day weekend project...somebody in our house is getting an "upgrade".