Friday, November 5, 2010

Here in Idaho where we are still enjoying sunny days of 70+ degrees, it is hard to feel like we are already in NOVEMBER!!  But as time does tell, I haven't been around here for almost a month.

Here's a little re-cap: 

This arrived and I have been enjoying it as much as one can enjoy any exercise equipment.

Taylor as Vasco De Gama for a school project...he says his classmates were calling him Santa claus-so much for my beard making skills.
We got to watch my nephews while his parents were away for a week. This little cutie was MAD at me, so we distracted him with a rocking chair his size.  Oh how I wish distraction still worked!!!!
A typical scene at our house-everyone is comfy and not doing much!
This what your face looks like when you eat a sour head, just in case you were ever wondering what your face looks like when eating something so sour it makes your tongue hurt.

Managed to get these issues done on time!