Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sick week
I don't believe in fate, luck or karma, but I have been saying quite a bit that our family  has been SO healthy for SO long. Well Tuesday night I got the full blown stomach flu and was up all night feeling horrible.  I took the kids to school the next morning and came back home and started getting horrible stomach pains that didn't go away.  I sweated and was in pain for about 5 hours when I thought something was really wrong. So I called Mike and he came home and we called my doctor. I hadn't been able to drink anything all night and I was super weak and she said go to the E.R.  Yuck, I haven't been to that place since i was like 8 years old and broke my arm.  Turns out it was just stomach flu but those nice ER people hooked me up to IV fluids and gave me nausea medicine and morphine for the horrible pain I was in. Yikes, I've never had morphine and let's just say I wasn't feeling anything by the time we got home.  Three days later I'm still getting my legs under me.  Thursday night Mike comes home sick and Friday Taylor was very feverish and sick.
Hannah is holding out strong and healthy.

That's me trying to get work done and not feeling so great.

My new office
Okay on to better things.  Our home office which I will call MY office since I work in it, has two desks, one for me and one for Mike.  His computer died at least 8 months ago and he never uses his desk, so for 8 months that side of the room has been collecting dust.  We have no plans currently to fix his computer so after a little suggesting and begging, Mike took everything off the desk and now I have claimed the office as mine (Mike doesn't like to hear that part so honey if you're reading, just skip this part) and have two desks.  So I re-organized everything (even the closet), and here are some pics of my new space where I have room to spread out on my new desk.  Yeah.
Two desks, I love it.  I couldn't get the whole other side of the room in which had my credenza and bookcase.

A place to sit in case I have company.

More lost teeth
Hannah lost another tooth while she was at the dentist. The hygenist was flossing and out it came.  She gets to go to the orthodontist for a consult since she has lost three teeth on the bottom and two have grown in and taken up the entire space.  We have no idea where that third one will pop up at so she will have two teeth pulled.  Ug. I hate dentists, and Hannah is very frightened about any medical although the girl has had nothing done to her except her kindergarten shots that she still relieves like it's a nightmare gone bad.  So Mike gets to take her to that appoinment, and I will miss out on the freaking out.  I don't want my anxiety to rub off on her.  The first time we ever have to take her to the emergency room will be, um very interesting.
In case you can't see, she lost the upper right-oh those crooked little teeth! I better start saving up for those braces now!
She was so funny the night she lost her tooth.  She wrote the tooth fairy a series of notes, asking what her favorite color was and what her house looked like among other things.  She was very surprised the next morning to find $3 and a note saying she liked blue because it rhymes with 'I love you'.  That tooth fairy!