Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tomorrow I am leaving for Hawaii for my brother's wedding....and the kids and Mike are staying home.  I would really love them to come with me.  I haven't ever left them all at home for 6 days...I have made lists for Mike, made menus, made some food for the fridge and fretted about.  This is my family that I take care of and I'm leaving.  Of course I'm excited to go but a bit hesitant to leave them.  It's just who I am and I am okay with that.  Hannah gave me some "presents" (read: she places items from around the house in a gift bag-so cute) tonight.   She loves giving things to people and it doesn't bother her one little bit that it's already items we have.  My gift bag included Halls, chap stick, gum, bangle bracelets and this:

This sticky will definitely make it in the suitcase.  Love. It's really all you need.