Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Taylor had his cooking lesson on Sunday.  I knew that boy was related to me when he picked, from all the choices and cookbooks, Barefoot Contessa's Tuscan Lemon Chicken.  I also knew he was related to me when he would not touch that raw chicken, yuck.  It's just gross, I sympathize.  We learned a lot, mainly that our grill sucks and burnt the chicken leaving it raw outside, and when Barefoot contessa tells us to "press" the chicken by placing a dish on it while cooking, that's just a bad idea.  But after it was cooked, delicious!  And Taylor learned lots of things-measuring, zesting and juicing lemons and grilling.

Very careful measuring

Lots of zesting

and juicing

Not willing to touch that chicken at all.
Taylor found the grill a little daunting. It's high heat only, no low.

Look at that proud cook. The chicken was very good actually, underneath the black, and the grilled lemons added a nice touch.
Tree dining-doesn't get better than that!

I stole these flowers from my Mom's yard since I don't have my own.

Still working on that closet, Mike is doing a fabulous job!
Lots of reading going on at our house.

these two and their love affair