Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We have a farm-fresh, preservative-saline-additive-frozen-free turkey coming to us tomorrow compliments of Mike's boss who raises turkey (chicken and goats) on his hobby farm.  I'm wondering if it will taste different, as in better?
I love Thanksgiving and all the food, but I think the leftovers are my favorite.  When you are standing in a kitchen cooking for several hours, the excitement of eating that food kindle dwindles, so the leftovers seem to taste better.
Mike and I might brave the crowds Thanksgiving night to go to Target, I just can't do it by myself.  There are some crazies out there.

Looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend and spending time with my family.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

PS-I am on day 21 of not biting my nails.  I've heard it takes 30 days to make or break habit so I'm almost there and my nails are looking good.  I'm rewarding myself with more shellac manicures. Yay!