Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh how I love this month.  I've made a promise to myself this year, though.  I am calling it my season of simplicity.  This year I will relax and enjoy, take time to look, smell, and see all around me.  Make opportunities to be joyful of all this time of year means to me.  I will only pick the things I want to do and if it's too much...I'm not doing it.  In years past, I have a tendency to take something I enjoy and then stress myself out about it.  What fun is that?  I have decided to scale down yet some more on my kids gifts.  Why oh why do they need more stuff?  Yes, they love it but they don't need it. I am more than half the problem.  I see everything they would love.  But again, do they need it?  I have to stop myself, and I'm sure I could give them even less.
I made my gift list short this year.  Not because I'm stingy or don't love to give (I'm actually the opposite), but because we just put too much importance on gifts this time of year and since everyone gets to choose what gifts mean to them and how to give them, I choose to not just give stuff.  I've made some little things here and there I'll give away but this time of year just isn't about gifts.  Its about traditions, time with family, love and sharing.  Enjoying all we have to enjoy.

I have much to be joyful about this year. For the first time in 10 years, all of my siblings and family will be together.  It's hard when everyone is scattered everywhere to come together for Christmas but it's happening this year, and I don't even have to go anywhere!!  We are looking forward to much food eating, game playing, talking, and catching up on all the things we are busy with our lives.  I can't wait.  Let the season begin!!

And now a catch-up on photos:

Isn't that hat adorable? My mom made it.

Taylor in Taekwondo stance

Goofing off during the week off for Thanksgiving

No biting nails=pretty shellac french hands look so strange in this photo though.

Taylor and hannah made our thanksgiving table centerpiece-a tree branch with leaves pressed between clear contact paper and hung with threads (family fun magazine idea)

Oh the food was so yummy!

Flowers made for headbands and barrettes

making me have a heart attack: Mike and Taylor putting up lights

Alley cat's favorite napping place

Taylor's excited to have the tree done! Silly kid.