Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wow, I haven't been here in awhile.  I will have to get pictures up later.  Here's a quick list of what we've been up to:

  • Just celebrated Taylor's 12th birthday.  That boy is getting taller, funnier and growing up way too fast!  We celebrated his birthday with a low-key family party (with chocolate fondue instead of cake!!) and he got an Ipod Touch like his sister.  We told them both to expect a nice package of socks next year for their birthdays.  Seriously. He also got a gun from his Grandpa that had been his.  Taylor is going to do target practice with his Dad (no hunting!).  He was pretty excited.  I am less than thrilled and not really into guns, but I think part of being a parent to growing kids is removing yourself and your likes and dislikes and let them explore what they like, and figure things out for themselves.  When I learn how to do that better, I'll let you know. Ha!
  • On Valentine's Day my sweetie wooed me with: showing up in a suit with flowers and chocolate where he whisked me off to the Melting Pot for delicious fondue and almost front row seats to Lord of the Dance!  I was surprised, had a great time and felt so loved and special :-)  I told him next year was going to be tough to top this. We actually haven't gone out for Valentine's Day for a couple years.  We really aren't into it, but I did completely enjoy myself this year-thanks honey!!!!
  • I started the couch to 5k program and am really enjoying it.  At then end of nine weeks you are supposed to be able to run a 5k.  I don't have big goals to be running any big events, but I am enjoying getting outside. Plus it's really easy, I just downloaded the program to my phone and this nice lady tells when to start, when to walk and when to jog.  It's awesome. I've also been enjoying spinach smoothies and almond milk, just to keep things fresh.
  • Our Alley cat was missing for two long days.  I immediately regretted all the times I complained about him.  Turns out our next door neighbor lured him in with food, then called Animal control. So I found him at the humane society and had to pay to get him out, urrrrr.  Poor guy, he's old-almost 12 and he lost weight and was totally stressed.  Now I have to go chat with my neighbor and hopefully figure out why they would do that??  He is safely home now and has been sleeping the past 4 hours.  I have no idea how to keep him in though, he knows how to use the dog door!
  • I have carpel tunnel and am wearing an ugly brace for one month, 24/7 and then hopefully that will help.  My thumb already has nerve damage and I have been in a moderate amount of pain, so hoping this helps.
  • We are planning a fun summer of activities that include a week in Seattle, camping for the 4th of July at Red Fish, a week in Nevada and I am going to a conference in Spokane in May. I can't wait!!