Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That's right, it's already March!  I didn't even have any posts in February, it was way too crazy.

Enjoying birthday chocolate fondue

Birthday dinner at his favorite buffet place.

He was so excited to get a new hoodie.

birthday boarding lesson

He looks so big!

Do they look comfy or what?  We like to read in this house!

look at those pretty braces!

Old Alley Cat

Tea party with Amy (the doll)

silly kids

in which Harley likes to think he is a lap dog-all 40 pounds of him.

Cinnamon twists


Since I like lists, I'll just keep to one about what we are doing lately around here (in no specific order).  Note: I cannot get the pics to go in any sort of order with the list, so here you go:
  1.  Recovering from a frantic month that included the collision of two big deadlines and a funeral.  That was the hard part.  The great part was seeing family I haven't seen for so long and reverting back to our child-like ways of discussing poop, eating lots of candy and laughing.  So much laughing.  I've decided since I've attended 4 funerals in the last 3 years I shall take the next year or two off.  Noboby gets to die.  Mmmkay?
  2. Trying to keep up my momentum on the lovely quilt I decided to make for my Hannah.  Just a mere 391 squares for someone that is not a sewer.  I did have the delight of using my Grandma's Bernina sewing machine from 1979.  Those Swedish sure know how to make something that lasts.  It's like brand new.  It brings back such wonderful memories of sitting beside my Grandma as she sewed us clothes, pajamas, Barbie clothes, doll clothes.  She was a very gifted seamstress.
  3. Celebrated Taylor turning 13!!!! I have a teenager in the house and he's beginning to smell and eat like one.  What a handsome, funny, smart, witty guy he is.  He has matured so much in the last 6 months and it's such a delight to see.  He is such an easy kid, we had a quiet dinner at home with chocolate fondue and a dinner out with the whole family at his choice of restaurants: a buffet.  Gross me out. For his gift from Grandma and grandpa Case, he got to try out a snowboarding lesson at Bogus Basin near Boise and really loved it.  He keeps asking when we can go up again.  
  4. Adjusting to Mike's school schedule.  It could be a long 3 years but I'm so proud of him for going for his goal of getting his degree!  We might need a family vacation after this!
  5. Hannah got braces!  They are so cute but make her look much older.  Sigh.  If Taylor ever loses all his molars, he's the next on the ortho list with braces installed this summer.
  6. Got the most amazing news that I get to be an Aunt again!!! I am beyond excited to hold that little baby and love on him/her (I really don't like saying it).  But since he/she has a ways to go in utero and will be born in another country, I'll just have to be patient and keep my baby fever to myself for awhile.  So happy for my brother and his girlfriend.  What a fun time they have ahead of them!  Parenthood has a way of rocking your world completely.
  7. We upgraded the TV in our bedroom. After having to switch cables back and forth when watching a movie and not having the volume button really work-we got a new one with part of Mike's yearly bonus.  It does feel frivilous to have such a big TV in our room, but I'm not complaining one little bit.
  8. Upgraded to the iphone 5.  Our contract was up for renewal so I figured it was a good time.  I now have Siri to help me with my entire life, such as ask where the closest sandwich place is, ask how much a chicken leg ways and how to spell words.  The kids put her to good use with all kinds of burning questions like that.  We are so easily entertained.  
  9. I got a new Kitchen Aid mixer the other day via an amazing deal through my uncle.  It is so pretty.  I can't believe how excited I can get about a kitchen appliance that's candy apple red.  But when you cook and bake as much as I do, it's a needed and appreciated item.
Here are even more pics in no order!  Happy March!!

My cousins and spouses singing at my Uncle's memorial.  It was so beautiful.
Working on the quilt for Hannah.

I love this bunch!!

candy apple red!