Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 It's so easy to combine these two since Hannah's birthday is just 3 short weeks after Christmas, sneaks up on me every.single.year.
So let's start with Christmas, it was fun, too short and wonderful.  I stuck to my self promise and relaxed and didn't do much, or as least as you can at Christmas. I didn't stress too much when our huge prime rib dinner on Christmas Eve fell flat because of a defunct meat thermometer and I didn't overdo the gift giving.  But here's my little secret: I totally missed doing homemade gifts and baked items.  So there.  I'm already planning next years!  We went shopping the day after Christmas and I finally got a nativity set that I've been looking for.  Yay for sales.
Then the sickness came.  Last fall I had to take Hannah in for a check-up and the doctor said she could get a flu shot. Said they had already seen influenza.  I shrugged it off and said politely, "No thank you".   My kids have never had a flu shot, we were good.  Fast forward to the week after Christmas.  Hannah got sick.  I mean really sick.  103 fever, no energy, headache, no appetite, throwing up. One morning we heard her thudding down the stairs and we ran to her as fast as we could.  Luckily she wasn't hurt but she was so dehydrated she had passed out.  I took her to the doctor, who took one look at her and said "Influenza".  She prescribed Tamiflu for Taylor so his wasn't nearly as bad, but my poor girl was down for a whole week.  And she is really tough, so for her to be down, in bed, laying around not eating is not good.  Mike and I got flu shots and never got sick.  I feel just a bit guilty saying that.  Hannah said next fall, she is getting the vaccination.
Then it got cold, snowed, we didn't get a snow day like everyone else and Hannah's birthday came.  Her requests this year were long, but I didn't care, a girl only turns a decade old once in her life.  So she is getting a family party, a friend party, and lots of hugging in between.

Hannah got her American Doll and it didn't leave her side for a week.  

Stocking fun

Taylor got a bow and arrow and loves it!

The whole group on the day after Christmas

that cake took A LOT of frosting!

Taylor played Hannah Happy Birthday on his sax before she blew out the candles on her cake.  Absolutely awesome.

I sure love this girl!!