Monday, June 10, 2013

I am so behind!  I wrote this post after Memorial Day Weekend.  Better late than never, it took forever to get the pics with it!

A three day weekend couldn't have come at a better time!  So much work lately, especially for Mr. Case that we don't see him much.  So we had three nice long days stretched out in front of us.  Instead of relax too much, we got busy.  We organized and cleaned the garage.  I feel much better when things are clean and in their correct places.  Had to get rid of the rocking chair (that's been in garage for 6 months) I had since before Hannah was born, but the good news is it went to my sweet neighbor who is expecting a new baby.  Feels much better than donating it.

Mike built me a garden box so Hannah and I can be vegetable growers.  So after spending too much money at home depot on building supplies, and mulch for the flower beds, and flowers for the flower pots and LOTS of top soil, compost and garden soil, we began.  I really love doing projects with the family but for some reason after all that shopping, we were all ready to pull our hair out.  So I took everyone out to lunch and then made them get to work!  I got to hang my bird feeder I got for Mother's Day and I made the hummingbird nectar and got that up too.

Hannah cut grass and leaves and Harley was like a horse eating it.  Weird dog.

So proud of their work!

The girl and Meggie

Hannah did a great job at the end of year music program.

Tree climbing!

I definintely don't have the green thumb/gardening bug my Grandma, Mom and sister have, or maybe mine is just smaller.  Either way, it was enough gardening for me.  Hannah and I look forward to seeing if we can grow anything.

We grilled a bit, got some movies in and it was a nice break.  Now for summer to begin!
Hannah and I made a list of some summer options :-)
Hannah and her 4th grade teacher.
Hannah with a few of her class friends.
The kids finished up school.  I love having them here but I have so much work this summer.  I always have a bit of guilt when I'm working away in my office and they are left to themselves.  We negotiated on the amount of "screen time" (TV, computer, iPods) they will get on summer days...currently they have 45 minutes.  They tried to bargain for three hours a day but they only got 2. I think that is realistic-I know some parents don't let their kids have any, and some let them have it all day, so I think that is a good compromise.  So I made a summer lunch menu, screen time log-in sheets and some "guidelines" for summer-helps me feel more prepared.  We finally booked our camping spot and who knows what else we will do.