Monday, August 6, 2007

Taylor lost another tooth on the bottom while we were at dinner Saturday night. Actually it was hanging there and Taylor let Mike pull it out-yuck!
The tooth angel was generous and gave him a dollar bill! Where was she when I was little?

Today, after months of contemplating, Hannah got her ears pierced. She has been going back and forth and while at Wal-mart I asked her if today was the day and she said only if they had flower earrings! Well they did and they were the most expensive but very cute.

I was very proud of her, she was white as a sheet sucking her thumb furiously after the lady let her see the gun and explain the process, sat very still and with one gun on each side, viola! her ears changed forever. Twenty minutes later of crying and a Tylenol dose, she asked if when we got home I could take them out. By bedtime i was cleaning them and she was turning them like it was no big deal.

I tell you these babies of mine grow before my very eyes and I only hope I am taking enough pictures to capture all these moments.