Saturday, August 4, 2007

This summer we got to go camping with Grandma Carol, Aunt Laura and cousins Kody and Katie at beautiful Lake Tahoe. The kids got to spend time with the whole rest of Mike's family for a week and it was wonderful-we didn't want to come home!
We had a a BBQ at the campsite to celebrate jacob's birthday and in the picture of mike with the cup-he is showing off his talent of the belly shelf.

This was our first time getting to camp in a trailer instead of a tent and it was awesome. The kids had great bike/scooter paths to explore and the lake to swim in. They had a really nice time spending time with Kodie and Katie.

I also got to see my best friend Melanie who just moved to Reno and it was so wonderful to spend time with her.

The week went by way too fast!