Saturday, August 4, 2007

Alley cat takes on each new dog we get with a special love that I haven't seen with many cats. Since Harley was a tiny puppy, he would hold him down and clean his face and ears, I think he understood how gentle he had to be, especially since we got Harley at 5 weeks. Forty pounds later, Harley's exuberance and love for his cat friend usually knocks poor Alley down, but alley just jumps up on the couch out of his way. Sometimes, Alley cat still manages to hold Harley down and clean him. He bites his neck and lets him know he is in control and it is so very funny to watch as Harley patiently lays there unmoving while he gets his bath. One move earns a hefty bite to the neck or legs-the second photo shows just that, a little bite to let Harley know who is in charge (this time). I think we might be pushing it if we get another puppy in the near future but we couldn't have asked for a nicer, tolerable, more patient cat.