Thursday, April 16, 2009

We had a GREAT easter and wouldn't I LOVE to show you some pictures of:
our pretty dyed eggs, the fun Easter egg hunt where the kids furiously looked for that Golden egg that had a $5 bill in it, the yummy Easter dinner and the family we had in town (thanks for the games David and Katie),
and the amazing Easter play I took the kids to....

But as history goes, my camera batteries died right on Friday night (at the play)
and I didn't have anymore (sharp learning curve on taking extra batteries).
Lame excuse I know.
Here is what you get for Easter:

This brave little girl had NO hestitation about walking right up to that camel and petting it (with thumb in mouth of course), don't know the girl in pink

This brave camel had no problem walking through a church with many people it in.
We went to an Easter play that they have been doing for 30 years, called NO GREATER LOVE. It is an amazing story of grace-the singing was fantastic, the costumes great, the story wonderful and it included live animals. It was over 2 hours and both Hannah and Taylor watched it the whole time and really enjoyed it. I think it will be our new Easter tradition to remind us of Jesus's love.

How could I get a post in without showing you my Walgreen's loot purchased for UNDER $8 and with $6.50 back in Walgreens Register Rewards (like cash)?


ohmylanta said...

Kristy, Jenae and I were really looking forward to game night but my hubby turned high maintenance on me and we had to bail. So sorry - we'd have rescheduled, but once my sis. in law arrived with all her kids that idea went out the window. Know what I mean?

You know, I REALLY need to figure out this bargain shopping thing. I actually bought a Sunday paper a few weeks ago just to clip coupons for the first time. They are still sitting in a stack untouched!! Seems like Walgreens and Albertson's are the coupon hot spots. I suppose I'll have to check in on your bargains every once in a while for some inspiration!! :) Take care