Saturday, April 18, 2009

(not much of a food photographer)

So I have been stalking, I mean, following several coupon clipping blogs for a couple weeks, my favorite being the Thrifty Mom-she spends lots of time educating people how to save money, use coupons and use those good deals in her daily meals (thanks Sarah!)

For tonight's dinner I used one of her recipes: honey dijon bacon wrapped chicken. Everyone loved it and here is a breakdown of how I used all my coupon saving goodness for dinner:
chicken-$1.59 per pound
Bacon- $1.99 per pound
Broccoli-steam fresh bags $1 ( I love these, they are the perfect size for our family and you just put them in the microwave bag and all-an easy way to get some greens in)
oranges .39 per pound
Knorr pasta sides .59

That is a lot less than eating out, plus it is probably healthier. I'll try to share more of these meals as I steal them, I mean borrow from the fabulous ladies that offer blogs on how to save money!

Tomorrow is our first class with Dave Ramsey's financial peace, our first step to living DEBT FREE!! I know it will take time and more sacrifice but I am ready!