Friday, May 22, 2009

The past month has been absolutely crazy. Between juggling 4 jobs at one time, trying to keep up on all the couponing and shopping, menu-planning and Financial Peace classes means my brain has officialy gone on vacation. So today starts our family's STAYCATION. We have four days off and I'm taking advantage of it.

We are staying home and not doing anything we don't want to. There is going to be large amounts of outside playing, movie viewing, chocolate consumption, and some reading, maybe some gardening but who knows? Baking is in there some where but only because I enjoy it! No worrying about deadlines, client projects, homework, housework and maybe even meal preparation (GASP!). Hannah voted to get up on Monday and have breakfast and watch a movie in our jammies, and I said, "Now that is the SPIRIT!"

But seriously so much busi-ness leads to a overwhelmed, irritated grumpy I am taking the time to just relax and enjoy what I have. I might have already planned a hike tomorrow, but that is only because I WANTED to.

To-do lists, goodbye! Now I am off to make some "indoor smores". Chocolate begins now.

PS-I got the magazine contract for another month and I get to do it from HOME!! June's issue is out on Friday. I'm so excited!!