Monday, May 25, 2009

What a great three days off, and Mike and I get Tuesday off, so we'll get four! Yeah. We had a great weekend. We went to a park and hiked Saturday, I kept hearing about how much fun Camelback park is in Boise, so we went and it was great. The hiking was fun, that is a good activity to do as a family and the playground there was awesome. Taylor ended up doing it one more time all by himself (and me not looking) before we left. Hannah was a little scared of going up that high and coming down, but she did it all by herself (with me following of course).

After that we got some treats (free iced mochas!) and headed home. The kids probably watched too much TV this weekend (see how bothered I am?), I watched movies (DO NOT see Benjamin Button!, so see Bride Wars), had some more treats in the form of indoor smores, BBQ'd on Monday night-I made some fabulous ribs and got some gardening done. Tomorrow Mike and I are sending the kids off to school and doing some baking together to get some items in the freezer to have on hand. We might even crank out a casserole or two. We've found we enjoy cooking together!

The photos are in reverse order and I'm too lazy to change them.

View from the top

Taylor making a run for it at the bottom.

Hannah manuevering the stairs

Beautiful scenery

At the top!

Our little companion Isa.

Mike and Taylor climbing Camelback.

Hannah measuring up the hill and deciding her and I will take the "side route".

Pics from the zoo field trip with Hannah's class.....
Don't see Hannah? Well that is either because she is pouting about having her picture taken and hiding or....hello, what could the other reason be??
The wiley group I got to escort all day-they were pretty good!


Rendi said...

Looks like fun and I am jealous of your stay-cation. Alan was still working on sprinklers so we didn't get back until Monday night. Wish we could have had some ribs with you!